Start Smart:

 Entrepreneurial success begins with this free seminar, held the first Monday of each month - excluding holidays, covering the basics of successful business start ups- including registration, entity set up, financing, and marketing basics.          

Start Smart offers practical information and exercises that will help you know whether starting a business is right for you.  

The workshop addresses your readiness to turn the dream into reality: Myths and realities of entrepreneurship and characteristics needed for success. Knowing your options from buying a business or franchise, to online business options or starting from a new platform.

Further, it discusses the new responsibilities that fit your skills and the need to cover those that do not. It talks about the nuts and bolts of launching your new business: choosing a legal business structure, understanding government rules and regulations, and obtaining business insurance.

The workshop emphasizes the need for a well-written business plan and its components  and preparing a vision statement.

In attending the Start Smart presentation you will receive a workbook that will help you develop your great idea, and address marketing, finance, and making the final go or no-go decision. 

Mentoring is available to all who wish to put their business dreams into action. It’s free and confidential.

Class starts at 3:00 PM and generally goes until 4:30 PM every first Monday of the month excluding Holidays.

Open entry; you can register by calling 652-7791 or by showing up

1071 East 100 South Building C room 6
St. George Utah

Phone: 435.652.7791    Fax: 435.652.7870